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Our model application essays can give you a MASSIVE competitive advantage

How can your personal statement essay help you get accepted? 

How can a well-written essay help you edge out the competition at  America's top colleges, MBA programs, law school, medical schools, and graduate programs?

Stand out as a Person

Most applicants focus on their scores, aptitude tests and résumé items. While these are important, admissions committee members are looking to learn more about your personal X factor. What is it that is so special about you that can help you add so much value to the lives of others in the future?

Present your narrative 

Everyone has a personal narrative. This can mean the difference in providing a much-needed personality and outlook diversity that institutions of higher learning prize. They're looking for individuals with personal traitsthat add to the  mix of their alumni base as well as reflect their community.

Explain your numbers

If your application numbers are less than stellar, do understand that this is not a death sentence. Your essay is your best and often only chance to explain fully why you have the grades you do, and what qualities still qualify you for an admission slot in the school you're applying to.

State your values

All institutions of higher learning have mission and vision statements. These are not empty statements. These values guide their operations. Your essay gives you the chance to line up your personal narrative with these institutional values through your actions and accomplishments.

Now for the

Sadly, most applicants fail to use the full power of the admission essay or personal statement because of the following.:

Robotic writing

A lot of academic application essays look like they were written from templates. It's as if applicants took a form, filled out certain spots, and turned it in. They didn't bother to customize them, or make these essays fully their own.

Weak Text

Many applicants simply expand their resume. They do not take full use of the essay form to make their personal story come alive. Every applicant has a story- these stories can mean the difference between rejection and getting in. 

Fails to Personalize

Regardless of how seemingly homogeneous applicants' backgrounds or experiences may be, there are crucial points of differences among individuals. Many applicants' essays fail to get this diversity across

Incorrect Answer

Most admission forms have prompts. These prompts must be answered. Sadly, too many applicants misread or ignore their forms' prompts. They fail to answer directly and turn in very weak essays. These essays fail to help them.

Turbocharge your essay with OUR help!

Hire Admission Essay Specialists today, and let us help you organize your seemingly confusing, or even generic personal information, into a model essay that can help you get noticed. 

Attention-grabbing Approach

We go out of our way to draw attention to the data points in your essay required by the institution that you're applying to. It's really easy to overlook this, and concentrate on what you think is important. We draw attention to the points that the admission committee wants to focus on.

Direct yet meaningful answers

We have a system of finding your most important information and including it in a strong in a powerfully worded answer to your application prompts. Stop wasting days or even weeks trying to figure out which personal 'story angle' from your biography will have the strongest impact.

We emphasize your values

We understand the importance institutions place on certain values. We know that these values play a role in their admissions processes. Accordingly, our model essay text always refer back to your prompts' values or specific questions asked by the institution you are applying to.

We give you a place to start

Let's face it; writing an admission essay can be very time consuming, especially if you don't normally write essays. We give you a place to start by looking through your personal facts with objective eyes, and coming up with a model that you could then use to inspire you to write with your final essay.

Get expert essay assistance today. 

Let us do the heavy lifting on your essay, so you can put together a trully effective college, medical school, law school, graduate school or an M.B.A. program essay. We offer the following help:

Essay model writing

We come up with a model answers to the question prompts that you supply us using the biographical information you enter into the questionnaire we send you. We take your strongest information and present it in a highly readable, compact and effective way. Use this essay to inspire yourself for the final essay you're going to turn in.


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Essay editing services 

If you already have a first draft of your essay, chances are, you don't know which part to cut out, tighten, or leave in. You might have tried to work on it several times, and it seems like you can't get a nice, effective angle. We can help you. By looking at your existing essay with a fresh set of eyes, we can tighten up your existing essay


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